Projects are expensive”

“Projects exhibit poor performance”

“Normally, there are big delays in project execution”

“This project is not adding value to our business”

“In this project, there are rework and duplication of effort”

“Always unexpected risk appears”

Every project is different, every project organisation is different; however, I accept the challenge of delivering successful projects consistently. Making possible your business in every project 

I am determined to change your project environment, making a difference in project development

As remarkable people whose contribute to project excellence, I have an important role to play

I really believe that

So, I decided to improve project performance by applying first-class knowledge and expertise in a different direction. With a diverse project professional background, I deliver a variety of solutions that works

Amazing Solutions to Performance Issues in Projects

Blue Trains is Hugo Hernandez

Hugo has a broad range of project management experience in energy and railway industries. He has worked at different levels as a strategic project planner, project advisor, project reviewer and risk specialist for more than 12 years.  Mr. Hernandez holds a Master Degree in Project Management and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). His research interests are: multi-project organizations, program management, leadership styles in projects and project risk management.

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